Collaborating to help your company grow rapidly with digital innovation



Local connection

More than 8 years of experience working with local businesses to advise them on product development, digital marketing and strategies of growth.

Business connection

Over 20 years of expertise in product development and innovation management in corporate and entrepreneurial environments.

Academic connection

Connect to wider pool of resources at the University of Surrey including Surrey Business School and the Department of Digital Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation.


“The challenge with digital innovation is not the technology but how we adapt as organisations and how we make decisions.  Our role is to provide you with another dimension to your decision-making with expertise in areas such as product development, digital marketing, and innovation management.

We also can leverage wider resources at Surrey Business School while our role can be formalised in relation to project advisory or executive coaching and training.”


“We can collaborate on bespoke projects which are either student-based or independent projects.  Typically, this will involve the following key steps:

  • Assist with project scoping and resource configuration
  • Supervise and manage key activities for the project
  • Evaluate outcomes and feedback for purposes of strategic decision-making;



“We can bring theory into practice where decision-makers in a company face particular challenges or opportunities related to digital innovation. The aim is to tailor each course to the context of a company so that they can be better equipped to make decisions to support their growth strategy.

This involves research preparation around the company and the context of the business challenge opportunity to make the training as relevant as possible. Sessions are designed to be interactive with key stakeholders while a follow-up is organized to measure outcomes, re-enforce learning, and codify findings.”