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“Putting theory into practice”

What we do

InnoMatters puts theory into practice to help prepare university students for the workplace through business-based projects.  An understanding of the stakeholder management is key to structuring successful projects while students are expected to create impact for our company partners, so interests are aligned.

On a wider basis, we seek to share our insight about business-based projects to support a best-practice and actively seek collaboration opportunities with other educators and academic institutions.  In turn, we would like to help our partner companies put theory into practice too to support their strategies of growth.


How InnoMatters can help you?


Opportunity for partner companies to participate in a range of business-based projects for university students which may be related to digital marketing, product-market research, and independent consulting projects.


Opportunity for companies or other educators to collaborate to structure new or bespoke business-based projects for university students


Opportunity to share our passion and expertise for business-based projects with others through speaking engagements and organising workshops.


InnoMatters provide an Opportunity for students to get out of the classroom to practice key skills while companies benefit from active research in key areas of expertise relevant to their growth strategies.

Projects are organised around a brief to make sure that expectations are aligned with outcomes. Areas of expertise include product-market research, digital marketing, and innovation management.

Our partners.

Innomatters collaborates with a range of local businesses including start-ups, scale-ups, and SME’s in the digital domain. This includes conceptualization and design of projects as well as project management.

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